My Lifestyle

My life is very simple. I wake up in the morning, i brush my teeth, i take a shower, i eat my breakfast and i start my day taking decisions for a better lifestyle. My world is full of variables and symbols on the street and college where I am teaching now. I’ve become the youngest professor on campus, I’m even younger than many of my students and that scares me.

I do not consider myself a genius. My decisions should cover the possible mistakes I could commit and there is no place for doubt and even less for mistrust.

Hotel Euro Hab 304

Hotel Euro Hab 304

In my life reigns mathematical equations, protocols and etiquette , diagrams and flowcharts… but that’s during the day.

At night, I turn on my computer and I take off my suit. Sometimes I just think to write but not to anyone in particular (it makes me sad). I write a lot more than what I share with you in this blog because  my lyrics sometimes show many personal things and I prefer that they stay in the shadows.  There are several stories I want to publish in another way.

My native language is Spanish but I write this post in English because it was in the English language than I originally thought it and felt it. Perhaps there’s in my head two people who speak two different languages. Those two people in my mind knows each other and coexist very well, but sometimes they start a fight to control myself and then I yell at them: Who cares?


5 comentarios en “My Lifestyle

  1. I like to know more from you and I find that writing in english might help you as a writer, because you need to put down on words your own feelings in a second language, which is a harder exercice that therefore helps you improve your own writing… Well those were my humble thoughts! Happy tuesday. Aquileana ⭐

    Le gusta a 1 persona

    • Yes :D, I also think that writing in another language helps a lot. Sometimes the things you want to say are not compatible with the Spanish language (I don´t know why) , then you find a better tone in the English language. 🙂 Thank you very much Aquileana! Regards

      Me gusta

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