Probably we should go to “The Earth 2.0“, but probably not.

Kepler 452b by NASA

Since I have seen the discovery of new planets by NASA, I imagined myself living an extraterrestrial life, in a new world with new people in a community as a promise of a better civilization. For a while, I’ve been thinking move away from this planet. I want to leave this Earth behind and start a new life far from this galaxy. I have many reasons to leave this Earth  and go to the “Another Earth” and probably you should  go with me… but probably not.

WORLDS: Other planets have been discovered but Kepler-452b is the closest yet to Earth. Found on

I’ve seen the wonders that exist in many places, but I have also seen the ruins of what was once beautiful. War, genocide, disease and corruption degraded the dignity of man and perhaps this Earth will soon fight the virus of humanity to survive in the darkness of the universe … as it always has.

But I also wondered: What if this new world is colder?, What if this new world does not want me there?What if that world was better off without me, without any of us? What if it’s already inhabited? We’ll arrive like pests in the field, to consume the resources and spread our deficiency.

I’m not the best man on this planet, and frankly I do not know what to do to make a better world. I just write horror stories and tales of dystopian worlds, but when I fence to distant worlds that are hidden in the vast darkness of the cosmos, I probably will know what really means to be a human.

When you are away from home, you know what it means to have a home.

The new word needs new humans. YJRivas

The new word needs new humans. YJRivas

A new planet means a new civilization, a new beginning for all mankind. Do we forget what we have done here, in our homeland?

I know that one day the humanity will remember the interest in nature, and will use the science properly without underestimating the philosophy, then the human will rise into a new era of knowledge.

Probably we should go to The Earth 2.0, and probably not.

Probably we should go to The Earth 2.0, and probably not.

We must learn from our mistakes here and not leave our land simply because they do not give us your blessing or because she is dying. We must leave this world —as the seed leaves the tree— to spread throughout the space the foundations for a new world so that the whole universe vibrates with the beautiful sound of life and love of humanity.

If any of us have the opportunity to go to a new planet in the near future, we should bring the knowledge of our race; without flags, without distinction and without prejudice.


It is a possibility that we’ll cry because we will miss our families, our friends and our lifestyle, but I know that wherever we go, The Earth and all who dwell in it will go with us. If We take the love of all humanity with us, we won’t be alone.

If I ever have the chance to go to one of these new planets, I will go with millions of people who will be watching at the sky, with the hope that one day, i will be pointing to heaven and saying to those people born on Earth 2.0: We come from the stars.

Y. J. Rivas



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